What is the Old Florida Room?

Welcome to the Old Florida Room. The Old Florida Room is meant to discuss topics, stories, and insights about Florida on how it was meant to be. As society advances, we tend to steer away from our roots and origins. Being one of the oldest states in the U.S., Florida is rich with culture, loaded with wildlife, and is the most beautiful state there is (in my humble opinion).

Whether you are looking to learn about Florida’s origins or how to catch some of its most native species, we are here to help you learn about it all. Now we don’t claim to know everything, so we want to hear your stories as well from all over the state. Please send us your favorite stories showcasing some of Florida’s most natural adventures. Whether it be air-boating through the Everglades, picking fresh juicy oranges, or fishing the grassy flats of Jacksonville, we want to hear it all along with some beautiful images.

Here we want to build a family, telling all of our stories in the Old Florida Room. This is a place where we can reminisce on the past, predict the future, and educate the young. In these times, we cannot forget about our roots and culture, so we must all do our part in maintaining the legacy of old Florida.

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